10 Ways to Make Your Kids Giggle

The nice thing about having jabbered at you for 9 years straight is that I have a lot of stuff written up!  Nights like tonight, when I am juggling bedtimes and bath times and preparing for T-ball, swimming lessons and birthday parties tomorrow, I can just swipe something from the newsletter archives!  So here, in order to start the week with something magical, I give you silliness from 2001…

10 Quick Ways to Make Your Kids Giggle

1.  From the other room, suddenly say "Oh no!  Do you know what I forgot?!" and then rush into the room with huge eyes.  Say, "Oh no!  Oh no!  Oh no!  I forgot to give you kisses!" and then grab him and hold him upside down and kiss him noisily like an idiot.

2.  Every time your child looks away, make a funny face.  Make sure you get caught.  Look overly nonchalant when she turns and looks at you.  Get more and more outlandish.  Act shocked she’s accusing you of being silly.

3.  Pretend that the cat is your child.  Ask the cat why she’s sitting on the table and not doing homework.  Alternately, pretend your child is the cat.  Brush her and pat her head.  Cluck her under the chin and tell her what a good kitty she is.  Suddenly look surprised and say "You’re not Rosie!" and talk about how silly you are.

4.  Watch a really funny family movie.  A good one for all ages is "Clean Slate" with Dana Carvey.  It’s absolutely charming and funny, with a charming and funny dog too!

5.  Have serious contests.  Pair off kids and adults and each one has to try to make the other one laugh while keeping a straight face.

6.  For little kids, sniff em.  Act like a total idiot and sniff their heads and arms and all over.  Babies love this.

7.  Purposely do things wrong once in a while.  Put your socks on as mittens and let your toddlers correct you.  Put a plate on your head and watch your baby laugh.  Put strange things in the fridge, or waiting for them in the cupboards.  Be surprising.

8.  Slip really lame jokes in their lunch boxes.

9.  Sing songs wrong.  My kids always crack up when I sing songs because I always forget the ends.  😉  Sing about the little boy who lives down the drain, twinkle twinkle little goat, you name it.  There’s nothing cuter than a one year old telling you "no no no!" and correcting you with a grin!

10. Poke them.  As you’re sitting waiting for the light to change, as you’re watching a movie, or as you’re eating supper, just reach over super quick and go POKE.  Act innocent.  Then poke them again.  Be a loon.  If the worst they can complain about when they grow up is that mom or dad was a goofball, we’re doing okay!  😉


And with that, I’m off to do the oh-so-magical task of switching the laundry.  This week, picture me hovering over you and shaking my finger at you asking "What have you done for you?"!  Take care of yourself.  Good parents don’t do enough of that.  You have permission.  You have orders!  Buy treats.  Put your feet up.  Watch a dorky show.  Take a long bath.  Eat chocolate.  😉


Kisses to your babies……… (even the big ones)

Till next time,



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Make Your Kids Giggle

  1. Anonymous

    I sniff my babies too; I didn’t know anyone else did! I act like a big dog sniffing and they think it’s so funny from such a young age, like 3 months! Some of these I haven’t tried. One other one that’s kind of like the goofy face one is that when we’re in the car, with the little ones, I will turn my head slightly and stare out of the corner of my eye at someone until they notice me, and then I will quickly turn my head away and act like I didn’t do it. This keeps them entertained for a long time.

  2. Anonymous

    so funny, i love these!! i sniffed my bub (5 months) the other day the same way our dog does and she thought it was hilarious! its kind of touching to know its universal.

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