Paper Doll Fun

I’ve been a fan of Liana’s paper dolls for years but I didn’t know she has a blog now where she (sometimes) offers a new free paper doll outfit every day.  Look at just a few of her more recent offerings…


There are so many wonderful outfits!  There are black and white princess dresses to color yourself, colorful replicas of outfits from classic old movies, fanciful fantasy wear, modern red carpet celebrity gowns, historic costumes and stylish every day clothes.  I’m a fan all over again.

 I know what we’re doing next time we’re stuck inside on a rainy day…  🙂



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2 responses to “Paper Doll Fun

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness; my girls are going to LOVE this! They already spend about 3 hours each day drawing princesses in fancy dresses.

  2. Thanks! 🙂
    Hi, this is Liana. Thanks for your kind post! 🙂 It’s always astonishing to me to hear from people who’ve followed my projects over the years… I’m glad you found my blog! Hope you have lots of good rainy days with it.

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