Marbled Jars

Here’s a quick craft from the Magical Childhood site that could make a neat Father’s Day gift.  It’s also just a fun craft for a lazy afternoon…  Marbled Jars

They’re super simple to make, they’re a creative way to recycle and even toddlers can produce something really colorful and fun.  Since you’re painting and dribbling INSIDE the jar, it’s far less messy too! 

For smaller kids, just have them dribble the paint in and then put the lids on and move them around to make patterns with the paint  before adding another color.  Older kids can really get creative with painting inside the jar, trying objects inside and etching layers.

We use ours for holding things like pens.  They are especially pretty when the sun can shine through them.

There’s full directions at the site, along with some more photos and ways to expand on the craft.

(I was about to wish you a happy Friday.  Methinks my brain is mush tonight!)
Happy any day!  🙂


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  1. Anonymous

    Not Friday here either~
    I’ve thought it was Friday every day this week. It really is too bad it’s only Wednesday!!
    Thanks for the jar tip! Sounds like fun.

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