It’s a Girl Thing

Victoria has a new favorite web site and I wanted to let you all know about it because it seems like such a great resource for girls.  I’ve known about New Moon for years and always meant to subscribe at some point, but with Victoria at such a tricky age right now I thought this would be a great time.

The magazine subscription now comes with a one year membership to the web site, and Victoria loves it.  She visits more than any other site, by far.  She says she loves that she can post questions for older girls that she might be embarrassed to ask me, she loves all the ways she can use her creativity there and the sense of community is really special.  

Girls can post artwork, share problems, decorate their "rooms," make their own artwork into "stickers" to leave for girls as a friendly hello, read advice, learn about everything from myths to wacky facts, share poetry, read book reviews, mentor younger girls and so much more.

I highly recommend it!

(Note:  No kickbacks, bribes, fancy chocolates or promises of lifelong adoration were offered for me to post this post!)  🙂 


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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing…
    This is EXCELLENT! I hope this website is here in 4 years or so when my wee girl reaches such a ripe age. I am always worried about promoting a health body image without focusing on weight. It’s tough. (I struggled with eating disorders as a teen/young adult.) I wonder if they have advice for young mom’s and ways to approach healthy eating before your girls come of age?

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