10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Find some good strong, long sticks and paint them to be your official summer walking sticks.  The more colors the better!

2.  Dedicate a song to your kids on the radio.

3.  Make today polka dot day.  Wear polka dotted clothes.  Draw polka dots on each other.  Make polka dotted dinners (hint– peas in mashed potatoes work well, and ketchup makes great polka dots on anything!).

4.  Plant sunflower seeds in the back yard.  See if you can grow flowers taller than the kids– or you!

5. Design a family crest.  Show the kids some examples of royal family crests and give them the task of agreeing on one for your family.  Frame a copy on the wall.

6.  Set a family fitness goal.  Pick a number of hours of exercise for the family to log by the end of the summer and a great family prize (like a trip to a water park, horseback riding or a camping trip) if you meet it.  Figure out a good goal (an average of an hour a day per person, 6 days a week for 10 weeks for a family of 4 would be 240 hours, for example) and be sure to list all sorts of healthy ways to exercise– swimming, playing tag, dancing, playing sports, volleyball, etc.  Log your hours on the fridge and work together as a team to get healthy and make your goal.

7.  Deconstruct some old costume jewelry and make sparkly suncatchers and decorations to hang in the windows.

8. Slip knock-knock jokes into the pockets of their clothes.

9.  Make the fanciest cake you can together and decorate it lavishly.

10. Go looking for some new spring baby animals– to the park for baby ducks, to a farm for baby lambs or calves, or to a zoo if they have any new additions.

Have a magical week!
~ Alicia



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Anonymous

    Seed Bombs
    Such wonderful ideas, as usual!!
    Another blog I read had a great post today about seed bombs. . . and I immediately thought it would be a great way to make today magical! http://www.thebirdsinthemeadow.com/2009/06/seed-bombs/
    I’ve never heard of them before today- I love the idea!
    Thanks for all my inspiration!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Alicia!
    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for such a wonderful blog! Any time I need a little “perspective” shall we say, I can count on coming here and finding a smile.
    I was on the email list and I know I haven’t commented here before, but I thought I’d let you know there’s one more fan out here reading your wonderful thoughts and ideas.
    I don’t care if you stay here, move to blogger or whatever, I’ll keep on reading.
    Thanks Alicia!

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