Shaving Cream Madness

Well, we found a way to occupy ourselves this morning despite the rain! 
I got out a can of shaving cream and invited the kids to spread it all over the table. 

I read once that shaving cream was good for wood tables.
I personally think it’s highly unlikely
but my table is older than I am
and has frankly had way WORSE stuff on it than shaving cream
so it can’t complain!

The kids had a blast.

It got a wee bit messy!

And then somebody decided to climb onto the table!
Note:  shaving cream is very slippery!
Alex slipped and slid like a wet fish and kept shouting whoaaaaaa!  šŸ™‚

I am terrible about saying things like
"Get down… as SOON as I take this picture!"

It was quite a mess but it cleaned up easily and it had us all in fits
of uncontrollable laughter.
And don’t rainy days just need a little uncontrollable laughter?


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One response to “Shaving Cream Madness

  1. Anonymous

    Oh My! That looks like so much fun. I am afraid that I wouldn’t have the courage to be so messy, but I should get over that because I bet that makes me boring. *lol*
    My DD and I had fun painting a bird feeder recently (we did it in the back yard) and she was very much the art director on our project. *lol* I have yet to take photos and post them on my blog, but I will share when I do. (The sun needs to come back out first. Lots of rain here too!)
    Living vicariously (for now)….

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