10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Have a picnic in the back yard for breakfast.

2.  Call a local factory and arrange to tour it.  Tours are generally free, educational and surprisingly fun.

3.  Dress the kids up really silly or fancy and go for a walk.  Have fun and watch the smiles you get from passers by!

4.  Have a family game night and play poker, Trivial Pursuit or go fish.

5.  Start an "I love you" journal together on the inside of your cupboard doors.  Cover them with contact paper for easy removal (and for keepsakes).  Take turns leaving notes to each other, artwork, recording special moments, etc.  Make sure little ones understand which places are okay for this special graffiti.

6.  Make an obstacle course in the back yard.  Good props include boards, rope, tires, tall cardboard boxes (open both ends to make tunnels), wading pools, hula hoops and sprinklers.

7.  Make your child’s favorite dish and dessert "just because."

8.  Write up a list of 50 things that make your child special and leave it under his pillow or read it to him before bed.

9.  Explore a local park or historical site that you’ve never visited.

10. Take a bus ride.  Granted, this will seem about as magical to you as getting your teeth cleaned, but bus rides can be fantastic treats for little ones who are not used to taking them.  See if you can take a bus to the library, park or just around a different part of town.

Happy Memorial Day!

~ Alicia


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