Baby Foxes

We had the most delightful fun today.  We were driving on a small highway to a nearby town and spotted these baby foxes happily playing just feet from the road! 

We stopped and watched them for several minutes and got lots of pictures, but I didn’t think of videotaping them until we’d taken off again.  

Then in the evening when we were driving back home, I asked Daryl to check and see if they happened to be out again.  They were!

And this time I got some video of them.  Here they are playing while we happily watched.
(Apologies for the dreadful quality and goofy narrator!)

And then just as we’d turned it off, one started chasing his tail. 
I started to record again and he was quite stubborn about not doing it on camera,
so here is a baby fox NOT chasing his tail while we act really silly and giggle a lot
(but only 40 seconds of it!).

Happy Friday!



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2 responses to “Baby Foxes

  1. Anonymous

    That is the coolest!! Thank you for posting that. We haven’t seen any foxes around here in years. Probably because the coyote population has grown so much in the area. :o( The oldest daughter just watched it with me and is asking if you could email me privately and let me know which highway/area that is in case we get a wild hair to go for a long drive. We would LOVE to see them!! :o)

  2. Anonymous

    Wish I had a soundcard!
    That’s it! I’m getting hubby to install a soundcard on this computer.

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