6 Things I’d Like for Mother’s Day

This post reminds me of a story my mother told me when I was a little girl.  Supposedly, a magazine asked a bunch of world leaders what they wanted most for Christmas.  The leaders all gave very noble answers like world peace and an end to poverty, except for President Reagan, who said that he’d like a nice box of chocolates.  🙂

That’s me.  I could say I’d love a macaroni necklace or a really good hug, but on Mother’s Day I really want some loot.  The kids can make me necklaces and pictures, but from hubby…. no warm fuzzy sentiments, Sweetie.  Pay up. 

So here’s my list of stuff I’d like for Mother’s Day…. more or less.

1.  Noise canceling headphones
2.  Enough Walnut Grove Mercantile praline fudge to put me in a sugar coma
3.  A personal trainer to undo the wrongs that baby number 4 did to my abs
     (Yes, I’m aware that those two sort of cancel each other out!)
4.  Really good eye cream to camouflage years without sleep
5.  My own padded room
6.  A maid

And okay, since that list is a little cynical, here’s the sappy version…

1.  A bottled scent of new baby head so I can sniff it long after my babies are all gone
2.  A guarantee that each of my kids will really truly occasionally want to call me and see me when they’re all grown up
3.  Oodles of hugs and kisses
4.  A day with my brood out in nature and no squabbles or snarkiness (or at least not much!)
5.  Never to forget how loveable, how charming, how funny, how brilliant and how magical each one of my children is right now
6.  Just good health for all of us

Really, though, I have what I want and what I need.  I tease my hubby and it is nice to get chocolates or garden goodies for Mother’s Day, but I got all my Mother’s Day wishes over and over for the past 11 years.

I’d totally take that maid though!  😉

We’re heading back to Iowa to pick up Victoria again this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get a bit of chocolate or a garden goodie of my own, plus lots of hugs and kisses — and maybe even a macaroni necklace.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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2 responses to “6 Things I’d Like for Mother’s Day

  1. Anonymous

    Baby Head Scent
    LOL about the baby-head scent…I’m with you on that one! When I’m holding my baby #4 I love to breathe in her little bald head, and I already miss it even though it’s right there! Somehow I don’t think the bottled scent would quite do it…I really have to see the funny ears sticking out from the baldy little head while I sniff.

  2. Anonymous

    Love it.
    I loved that Ronald Reagan. He came up with some good ones. 🙂 Ditto on the baby head scent. And the maid, definitly the maid.
    Never had the Walnut Grove Fudge but one of these days I am going to make it up that way to actually visit Mankato. Sweet is really into Little House right now and we are only about 2 21/2 hours away afterall.
    Happy Mother’s Day.

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