Fairy Crowns & Weaving Plastic Baskets

I love these whimsical crowns from Mommy Blessings!  They’re inexpensive, easy and adorable.  Head on over to her delightful blog for the instructions andlots of other neat crafts.

And at that neat blog I found a link to this wonderful recycling craft at The Lucky Ladybird where she teaches you how to weave unwanted plastic shopping bags into baskets.  She says they’re sturdy, flexible and waterproof.  They’re also really great looking!  She says she plans to use hers for a laundry basket but these would be wonderful for holding recycling, toys and so much more.

Now if only the few bags I had weren’t all white…..  🙂

Ah well!

Happy Friday!

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One response to “Fairy Crowns & Weaving Plastic Baskets

  1. Anonymous

    Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog, and I’m so glad I stopped by! Will be back often, for sure. I love the crown idea, and could not believe how they are made — amazing!

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