One of Those Days (in the good way)

Today was one of those days that just about makes up for 3 months of children squabbling, dreary weather, colds, flus and piled up laundry.  πŸ˜‰ 

We started the day with a gymnastics party in a nearby city with lots of neat families and then talked some friends into picking up drive-thru and meeting us at a nearby park for a picnic and some playing.

The weather was perfect and nearly 80 degrees, which is a big deal for spring in Minnesota!  The kids ended up playing, climbing, hiking and wading in a creek trying to catch tiny fish that nibbled on their toes. 

I got to chat with one of those friends who ought to be high calorie, she’s so fantastic to be around.  My little guy got to run and explore, the bigger kids got to spend time with kids they adore and the scenery was divine.  I missed warm weather so much!  I think the miserable cold is designed to make us realllllllllly appreciate when the good stuff comes back.  πŸ˜‰

We are spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s to take part in some more fun stuff tomorrow in town.  Tonight, Grandma & the kids & I went walking to the school playground to play.  It took 45 minutes to walk half a mile (toddler speed) but it was so nice. 

At the playground, some little girls came by with their dogs on leashes and one of them invited Victoria to play a game of Horse at the basketball hoop.  Victoria said the girl was very sweet and kept telling her "good shot" and "nice try."  Best of all, she happily told me "I didn’t even know I was good at basketball!".  She won!

This was the sort of day I try to hang on to for later.  I’ll shove all those boring and annoying ones aside in my memory bank and maybe when I look back in my old age I’ll think it was all this good.  πŸ˜‰

Do try to get out with your kids if your weather cooperates!  Call up the most fun person you know and make her/him come play.  I highly recommend it!

Happy weekend all!



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2 responses to “One of Those Days (in the good way)

  1. Anonymous

    a million thank-yous
    “I got to chat with one of those friends who ought to be high calorie, she’s so fantastic to be around.”
    …packed more punch than you might ever know. Thank you, my friend. And ditto to you! I’m going to hang this up on the frig door to combat the words of others who haven’t been so kind. :o)

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