10 Ways to Make Today Magical

10 Ways to Make Today Magical…

1.  Go to a local art museum with your kids and find some art techniques to try out at home.  We’ve been inspired by block printing, mixing bits of yarn in with paint and lots of types of photography.  See what neat ideas you can find!

2.  Find a community theater or music presentation to attend together.  These are often free or very low cost for the public.

3.  Serve dinner in parfait glasses or something else fancy and odd. 

4.  Alter an old painting together.  Get a cheap print from a thrift store (or the attic!) and remove the original.  Give the kids art supplies (paint, markers, stickers, scrapbooking supplies, old magazines, glue…) and have them change it to fit a new theme such as "our family" or "dreams."  Reframe and proudly display!

5.  Give the kids a plate of whipped cream or pudding to use as scratch paper when they do their homework.  Smooth it flat and have them do their math or practice spelling on it, then smooth it flat again to "erase." 

6.  Tour a historic mansion or other landmark you’ve always wondered about.

7.  Try to speak only pig latin during dinner.

8.  Give the kids markers and have them graffiti up the breakfast cereal boxes.  Tell them to make the names sillier, embellish the people and otherwise jazz up the packaging. 

9.  Write a really corny joke on the bathroom mirror in lipstick to send the family off into the world with a smile.

10.  Sit down and do art with your child, just the two of you.


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