New Ways to Use Egg Dye Tablets?

Saturday, the kids and I helped Grandma with the annual Easter egg dyeing.  We used double the dye tablets to make really deep, bright colors, and used page protectors (those little white O stickers) and rubber bands to make some neat patterns.

As I was dumping out the dye afterwards, it struck me how bright the colored water was and that there must be another use for that marvelous stuff after the egg dyeing is over.

I’m sure it would be fabulous with eyedroppers and coffee filters, for example.  Drip colored water onto the filters and make neat tie-dye patterns.

You could probably use is as watercolor paint.

But I’m wondering what else we could use the stuff for.  This is the time of year to snatch up a ton of the kits, since they go on clearance for as little as 10 cents a pack. 

I wonder if you could mix them with vinegar to dissolve them and then add a little white glue or maybe some corn starch to thicken….

Has anybody ever seen a recipe using these little dye tablets for children’s crafts?  Please share if you know of one or if you make one up with your kiddos!

I think we’ll try some experiments ourselves this week.  🙂  I’ll let you know if we have any success!


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  1. Anonymous

    I save eggshells for a few weeks in advance, crush them up, and put them in the dye containers for a day or so. Then I lay them out to dry and we turn them into mosaics or if there isn’t interest (we’ve done this so many times!), I’ll toss the colorful shells into the garden. It looks like confetti.

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