Fun Uses for Plastic Eggs

Here’s a fun little project to use those plastic eggs after Easter.  He even has dried beans in his tail so he rattles!  I noticed that the plastic eggs we bought this year had little holes in them already (I suspect it’s so they’re not as much of a suffocation hazard for little ones) so they may not even need the drilling step.  Pretty cute, huh?  🙂

Here’s some other uses for plastic eggs:
  • Fill them with slips of paper with simple chores and fun activities written on them and have the kids take turns choosing eggs and doing the jobs inside.
  • Put different objects inside and have the kids rattle them and guess the contents.
  • Use them as bath toys.  See if the kids can find a way to make them sink.
  • Use them as molds to make playdough eggs and decorate with bits of other colors.
  • Make beautiful felted eggs like these.
  • Have a treasure hunt.  Put a clue in each egg leading to the next, with a fun surprise in the last one.
  • Teachers and homeschool parents can fill them with writing prompts, review questions or math drills.
  • Use them to count down the days till a special event like a birthday or a parent coming back from deployment.  Number each one and put a little treat or write a fun activity for the day inside.
  • Make a basket of "talking eggs" for mealtimes.  Write little questions on slips of paper for inside each egg (What’s something funny that happened today?  What job would you not like to do for a living?  If you were a superhero, what would be your superhero name?  What are 3 things you’re grateful for?) and have everybody take turns opening an egg at dinner and answering it.

If you have any more, please leave a comment and add them!

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