10 Ways to Make Today Magical

I’m back!  My fabulous hubby managed to figure out the perfect combination of codes, settings and secret handshakes to get our modem and router on speaking terms again.  I’m very happy to have my internet again — and just in time for Monday and a magical list!

10 Ways to make today magical

1.  Write letters to famous characters from history.

2.  Take the afternoon off and visit an art museum together.

3.  Tie long ribbons to a couple of sticks and do ribbon dancing in the backyard.

4.  Grab some old hats and decorate them with scraps, scarves, flowers and anything you can find to make them as outlandish as possible.

5.  Gather up some rocks from your yard and help the kids use a paint pen or permanent marker to write words on them like howdy, smile, dream and yes.  Then travel around and leave the rocks, word side down, in places for people to someday discover them.  Daydream with the kids about who might find them and how it might affect those people.

6.  Help the kids make up a list of 20 things they love about daddy, mom or another loved one for a wonderful surprise.

7.  Have the kids use crayons or colored pencils to draw a picture on the back of each bill as you mail it in, plus decorate the envelope and write something cheerful.  You might make someone else’s day magical as well.

8.  Find someplace in the community to volunteer together.

9.  Check a book of magic tricks out of the library and help them put together a magic show, or some joke books to put on a comedy routine.

10. Help the birds get their nests ready by leaving short lengths of yarn, dryer lint and even hair from hairbrushes on your bushes and trees.  Later take walks and see if you can spot nests from your gifts to the birds.


Have a great Monday!  Hug your sweeties, count your blessings and do something nice for you!
~ Alicia



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