Pigeon Presents!

Do you know Mo Willems and his fabulous children’s books like Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed and Knuffle Bunny?  If you don’t, you simply must go find some of his books to read with the nearest small child.  And if you do, then you’ll really appreciate this fun site!

Pigeon Presents is a website for kids (and parents and teachers and even random grown ups who like to be silly) with all sorts of wonderful stuff.  Play games like dress the hot dog (warning, the bowling ball is a really bad idea) and the elephant & piggie dance game, print coloring pages, learn how to draw favorite characters and more.  Parents can print out things like posters and there are even teachers’ guides to download.

What fun!

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  1. Just found you on fb Newsfeed! Lovely to read your thoughts and comments. I have been doing workshops with children for a long time and together (with the children leading the way) I produced a series of edutainment short stories to cover age group 4-8years. On – feelings, friendship, honesty, discipline and team spirit. We have only recently moved into ‘read-aloud’ ebooks on iTunes to spread the word – helping children grow up to be wise and wonderful people really matters to me otherwise I would not have begun in the first place. I see you do book recommendations and wondered if you would like to take a look at our Free ‘read-aloud’ Story with sound effects about two little Hedgehog Twins, Harry & Henry and what happened when they broke their Promise to Mummy! With the Slogan at the end of the Story – ‘Remember! Never be so Bold! You cannot safely cross the Road!’ Just hope I’ve sent this message the correct way! Thanky-ou! Here’s the link:

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