April Fools Fun

Today’s your last day to plan any April Fools Fun for your family.  Got any plans? 

Here’s a few ideas…

  • Let the kids take turns changing the answering machine to something really outrageous every hour or so.  Make up strange errands that you’re running, do funny accents, or even create a wacky fictional business that people have reached.  Then hope you get lots of calls (and no professional ones!).
  • Make up a couple of batches of Jello (or use gelatin and fruit juice) and pour it into heatproof glasses.  Insert a straw and chill, then serve the kids a "juice" drink later as a snack.
  • Have your little ones wear their clothes backwards or inside out, or swap and wear other family member’s clothes.
  • If you have sound sleepers, switch the kids into each other’s beds after they’re asleep.
  • Here’s an educational April Fools online scavenger hunt for kids.  They find the answers to the questions at a web site, then can go to another web site to read about history’s greatest hoaxes.
  • Use a marker to paint little red dots all over your face first thing in the morning.  Pretend you have no idea what they’re talking about when they notice.
  • Print out one of the world’s hardest puzzles (which are really unsolveable).
  • Together, look through the newspapers and online news sites to find hoax stories.  Most newspapers and many sites like Google like to get in the April Fools spirit with fake stories.  One infamous story ran at the Discover Magazine site about a new discovery of penguin-eating naked ice borers in the Antarctic and generated more buzz than any real stories ever had.  (Caution:  Older kids are likely to get a kick out of the "article" but younger ones could be distressed!)
  • Plan a silly prank to pull on other family members together.
  • Serve your child a magical banana!
  • Make a joke dinner like one of these.

Please share what you do with your kiddos, too!  Happy April!


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