10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Hello magical people and happy Monday!  Time for a list then, isn’t it?  Let’s get to it!  πŸ™‚

10 Ways to Make Today Magical….

1.  Take a small, barefoot child and then find some mud.  Instruct small child to step and squish and savor the mud and get really messy.  (You should too– squishing in mud is super good for the soul.)  Squish to your hearts’ contents.

2.  Wait, there’s more!  Carry your muddy-footed small child inside and find a big, strong grown up (this could be you, I’m rather short and wimpy so I go find Daddy).  Have your big, strong grown carefully hold your muddy (probably giggling now) small child carefully upside down and "walk" along your lovely clean ceiling.  Don’t clean it all week.  Let people wonder.  πŸ™‚ 

3.  Mix tempera paint with dish soap and make some window paint.  Let the kids paint flowers on the windows or another happy spring scene.

4.  Make today a Monster Day.

5.  Assume a double identity.  Head out with the kids to someplace public and have everybody choose a new name to go by.  Make up new life stories as you go (the wilder the better!) and hope people eavesdrop.  Create your story together as you talk and make it as zany, exciting, funny or glamorous as you all like.

6.  Get the biggest cardboard box you can find and make something wonderful out of it together.  What should it be…   A rocket ship?  A time machine?  A fairy house?  A secret hideout?  A racecar?  An office?  Decorate it and stock it with some fun supplies for an afternoon of imagination and fun.

7.  Start a treasure nook.  Designate a small space in the house (such as a windowsill or small table) as the treasure nook.  Be sure the kids can see it and touch it.  Gather up some meaningful items together to display in this special spot.  They can be natural items like seashells, rocks and pinecones and personal items like little handmade crafts and favorite photos.  Let the kids pick anything pretty, sentimental or just plain cool and arrange it nicely.  Change the treasure nook every so often and fill it with new treasures.

8.  Make quick and easy Colorful Marshmallow Truffles together.  Gobble some and deliver a few to someone special.

9.  Find some good joke books and write up a bunch of goofy jokes on little slips of paper.  Leave them in public places to be discovered and brighten someone’s day.

10. Put on party dresses, superhero outfits or other favorite costumes and head to the park for a truly magical picnic.  Be sure to bring a camera!


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One response to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. I love the walking with muddy feet on the ceiling idea, just brilliant!!
    Fantastic suggestions, as always, you are very inspiring.

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