Fun Letter Games

Here’s some fun games to do with a child who’s just learning her letters or phonics, and some more advanced ones.  These are a nice way to pass the time in the car, waiting room and such.

Play "I Spy" with letters….  Tell your child you’re thinking of something in the room that starts with the letter c and ends with a t, for instance.  Or "I spy something with oo in it."

Another fun game to convert into a phonics game is charades.  Take turns going through the alphabet and acting out something that starts with each letter.  First you act out an A word that you think up, like anteater.  Once your child guesses it, she acts out B and so on.

In the car, try to find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet, in order!  Words on billboards count.

For more advanced spellers, take turns thinking of words that contain two consecutive letters…. first a word that has an a and then a b somewhere in it, then onewith a b and then a c…….  absolute, because, code, develop, effervescent……  it gets tricky at times!

A nice way to look at things…

"All the masterpieces of art contain both light and shadow.
A happy life is not one filled with only sunshine,
but one which uses both light and shadow to produce beauty.

-Billy Graham


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