Maple Syrup Day

Hello, magical you!  I hope you’re having a fun weekend.  We’ve been doing lots of neat things — exploring a nearby state park, playing outside, reading, drawing, doing computer games, and today we went maple syrup tapping!

It’s one of our family traditions to go to a nearby nature camp this time every year.  We eat a lovely community-style breakfast featuring scrambled eggs, sausage links, pancakes and real maple syrup (from their trees!) and then join the tours of people learning how to throw the tomahawk, select proper maple trees, drill holes, attach bags, empty them and boil down the sap.  The day also includes a taste test (real stuff versus fake) and lots of climbing mountains of snow or dirt (or both, this time of year), crunching through leaves and exploring.



If you live in an area where you can tap maple trees or take a tour where others do it, I highly recommend it.  If you live in one of those lovely climates where it’s too hot, you probably have more than enough to make up for it and I’m jealous of you 6 months out of the year.  At least.  🙂

Now we have days of rain, wind and possibly snow on the way and I’m going to go pop in a kid movie and try to find my dining room table under Craft Mountain. 

Happy Sunday!


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