Toddler Tips

I love some of these ideas for ways to entertain a toddler while sitting or lying down!  Alex is 22 months old and can be so exhausting (not to mention the other three!) and I will definitely try a few of these next time I really want to collapse on the couch for a few minutes.  🙂


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  1. Anonymous

    The Oh No game
    We play a version of this I made up called the Alligator game. I lay down and start talking about how much I like my feet and that I hope an alligator doesn’t come get them. My son plays the alligator, he sneaks up, chomps my feet and runs away. This goes on with other body parts until one time I scoop him up and tickle the “alligator” to get my parts back. He has a wonderful time running hiding and pretending to be an alligator, and it’s fairly restful for mom.

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