St. Patrick’s Day Fun

It’s almost time for the wearing of the green!

Here are some ideas on how to mark the day…

    • Challenge the kids to help you make (and eat) an all green meal.
    • Search the house for green papers of all sorts (flyers, parts of magazine pages, bits of labels, etc.) and cut them into shapes.  Cut a piece of construction paper or cardboard into a large shamrock shape and have the kids use a paintbrush with watered down white glue to decoupage it with the green papers.  The more variety of scraps you can find, the better.
    • Use green eye shadow to give everybody fun "leprechaun cheeks."  Just brush on green circles on the apples of their cheeks.
    •  Cut circles and thin rectangles from green construction paper and let little ones glue them into shamrock shapes on paper (3 or 4 circles make the clover, the rectangle makes the stem).
    • Cook an Irish meal together.  This site has lots of tasty sounded recipes.  
    • It’s so much bother to clean, but it’s not much trouble at all to only clean the green things.  Go through the house together in search of only green items to pretty up.  Polish, dust, arrange, put away and generally pamper any object you find with a bit of green on it.  Challenge the children to find the funniest, tiniest or most green things to clean. 
    • And here’s a little leprochaun song to sing together…

      Sung to "I’m a Little Teapot"

      I’m a little leprechaun
      Dressed in green,
      The tiniest man
      That you have ever seen.
      If you ever catch me, so it’s told,
      I’ll give you my pot of gold.


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