10 Ways to Make Today Magical

It’sMonday, time for another list.  I’m still sick and appreciate all the well wishes.  Thanks too for the sweet comments on Victoria’s guest post! 

10 Ways to Make Today Magical….

1.  Plan a slumber party with a mama friend and her kiddos.  Everybody camp out on the living room floor, eat popcorn, watch movies and stay up late.

2.  Spend the day in dress up clothes (you too!).  The more elaborate, the better.  Make meals match the themes.

3.  Have a camp-out inside.  Bring in lawn chairs and eat around a pretend campfire drawn on a large sheet of paper (or crumple orange paper for coals and roll up brown paper for logs). After dinner, roast marshmallows over candles.  You can even make s’mores!  Sing campfire songs and then turn out the lights and tell stories with the flashlight.

4.  Challenge everybody in the family not to say a common word (like we, day or because) all day.  Give each person a number of pennies, dragon tears or clothespins to clip on their clothes, and when someone catches them saying the taboo word they have to pay one item.  Whoever has the most at the end of the day wins a prize you all agree on.

5.  Alter some art together.  Find an unloved painting or picture and take it out of its frame.  Together with the kids, draw, paint, color, glue and/or otherwise change it and make it a family masterpiece.  Have everybody sign and date it, pop it back under glass, and hang.

6.  Be tourists in your own town.  Visit stores and museums, window shop and see everything through fresh eyes.  Try to hit at least one place you’ve never stopped at.

7.  Go maple syrup tapping.

8.  "Bake" treats for the birds or beasties together.  Give your kids complete culinary freedom and assemble a selection of ingredients they can use to create their own dishes for the wildlife in your yard.  Put out bird seed, peanut butter or soy butter, orange halves, stale bread, nuts, berries, anything you have on hand and let the kids mix, sculpt and invent concoctions to deliver to their furry and feathered friends.

9.  Make up artwork, crafts or baked goods for neighbors, community workers and others who are likely to appreciate them.  

10. Make dinner festive and really dress up the table.  Involve the kids in finding fancy tablecloths (sheets, extra fabric and large scarves can be layered in funky or sophisticated ways), alternative place mats and elaborate centerpieces.  Challenge them to be super creative and use unexpected materials– branches, mardis gras beads, blocks, rocks, silk flowers, mirrors, you name it.

Have a magical week!

~ Alicia


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  1. Anonymous

    I loved your newsletter, and now your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, magical ideas.

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