A Guest Post from Victoria

I’m still terribly sick but wanted to post something quickly for my loyal two readers!  πŸ˜‰

So here, a few words from my fabulous 10 year-old, Victoria (who did all the fonts and colors herself)…


Here are 5 things to suggest if your kids are  BORED …………..

1. Print out a list of plants in your area and have them see how many they can find in the yard or (if they’re older) the town.

2. Give them each a plate of lettuce leaves and challenge them to eat like a lizard (without using their hands).

3. Make fairy houses outside. The Rules: no using thigs that are manmade, only nature and no picking anything (leaves, grass, flowers, ect).

4.  Have them write a list (in their best penmanship) of 20 things that make them happy, then choose something that they’re allowed to do.

5. Have a dance party! Play some bouncy music and tell them dance!

Thank you!!





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2 responses to “A Guest Post from Victoria

  1. Anonymous

    Nice post Victoria πŸ™‚
    good Ideas, We may be making fairy houses soon.
    hope your mom feels better soon

  2. Anonymous

    I am usually a lurker but wanted to say that these are great ideas! Love the pretty colours in the post πŸ™‚ Thank you! OH! Feel better!

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