Big Green Rabbit

Do you and your kids know the Big Green Rabbit show and videos?

Alex (22  months) absolutely loves "Green Anaconda."  No matter how sad he is, if you play this video he’s good to go.  šŸ™‚

The song is catchy, cute and educational too.  It’s part of a series called "Big Green Rabbit" that is now being broadcast on PBS stations around the USA.  It’s not in my area but the kids and I are going to request it through our local station because they enjoy it so much.  It seems especially made for the preschool crowd, but kids younger and older in my house enjoy it too.

Here’s the website, where kids can view other videos, watch a show, play games and more.  It seems like sweet fun for little ones. 


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2 responses to “Big Green Rabbit

  1. This is going to make Megan’s day!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Free BIG GREEN RABBIT stuff for Earth Day
    Hey Magical Mama,
    Thought you and your readers would like to know that BIG GREEN RABBIT is posting a bunch of free stuff for parents in honor of Earth Day this year. Info can be found here:
    Would love your thoughts and input.

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