Hand Lotion Play Dough

Looking for a fun way to pass some time with the kids today?  Here’s our family’s favorite quick play dough recipe.  It’s no cook, easy and uses things you’re likely to have on hand.  Best of all, it smells great and feels better than most no-cook doughs.

selective focus photography of three disney princesses figurines on brown surface

Photo by Jennifer Murray on Pexels.com

Hand lotion playdough

Mix 2 cups of flour with a half cup of salt.  

Add 1 cup of hot water with food coloring of choice added (we like Wilson cake decorating colors because they’re so intense and there’s lots of colors), 1 TBS cooking oil and 1 TBS hand lotion (use all natural if you like, or a scent your kids are fond of).  

Stir well, add a little flour if necessary if it’s sticky. I usually have to tinker with a little extra flour.

This lasts pretty well and smells really good if you use a nice lotion.  It can be fun to use a tropical scent or one that really smells heavenly.  It’s also fun to make a few batches and match scents to colors (like purple with lavender scented and red with cherry).  Just remind the kids that this one isn’t edible. 

Store in a ziplock bag in the fridge to make it last even longer.



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