Pipe Clean Hairdresser

I hope you had a fun Mardi Gras.  We did some sledding, had a tailgate party with some friends at a park and even did a little pancake racing (with some frozen pancakes and paper plate holders as griddles). 

Here’s a simple little craft that my daughter Victoria made up last year out of a tiny bit of cardboard taped into a triangle & some spare pipe cleaners she found.  She had a blast with it & I loved the darling little looks she came up with.


She says she used a little triangle of cardboard she found but a toilet paper tube will work fine.  She drew a face and put in all the spare pipe cleaners she could find around the house.  🙂  Then she just stuffed the inside with a paper towel to hold the pipe cleaners in place. 

Voila, an instant hairstyle doll! 


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